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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 25, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> reporter: was he the one? >> he was the one. without a doubt. he still is the one. >> that's all for this edition of dateline. i'm natalie morales. thanks for watching. this morning an unexpected change at the pentagon after the secretary of the navy gets ousted. richard spencer has been fired for his handling of a war crimes case involving a navy s.e.a.l. plus congressman and ranking member of the house intelligence committee devin nunes denounces reports that he met with an ex-ukrainian prosecutor to dig up dirt on former vice president joe biden. the allegation was made by one of rudy giuliani's indicted associates. and it's official, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg has confirmed he's making a white house run, and he's kicking it off with a $30 million advertising blitz.
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♪ good monday morning, everybody. it is november 25th. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside nbc news white house correspondent geoff bennett. we begin with a shake-up at the pentagon. navy secretary richard spencer has been fired after the case of a navy s.e.a.l. accused of war crimes in iraq who was later acquitt acquitted. according to a statement from the department department secretary mark esper lost his trust and confidence in spencer over the handling of the case of chief petty officer eddie gallagher. he had been accused of committing war crimes while he was deployed in 2017. he was acquitted of murder but convict instead july of posing with the corpse of an isis prisoner for which he was demoted. president donald trump reversed that demotion, and on thursday tweeted that gallagher would keep his trident pin signifying his status as a member of the elite navy s.e.a.l.s.
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a day later spencer told reporters he reviewed the view process over gallagher's status should go forward. the defense department says spencer had privately proposed to the white house that gallagher's rank be restored and that he be allowed to retire as a navy s.e.a.l. in his resignation letter to the president last night, spencer acknowledged his termination and stated, unfortunately had has become apparent that in this respect i no longer share the same understanding with the commander in chief who appointed me in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline. i cannot in good conscience o y obeyobey an order that i believe violates the sacred oath i took. earlier on sunday gallagher was on fox news where he attacked his chain of command. wachl this. >> this is all about egoand retaliation. this has nothing to do with good order and discipline. they could have taken my trident at any time they wanted. now they're trying to take it after the president restored my
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rank and we filed an ig exposing all the corruption that's been going on during my case. >> in a series of tweets, president trump said gallagher will retire with all the honors he has earned including his trident pin. he also announced that kenneth braithwait will be nominated to take over as navy secretary. latest reporting suggests some of president trump's defenders are knowingly taking part in a russian operation to smear ukraine and divide the u.s. nbc news has confirmed reporting from the "new york times" that u.s. intelligence officials briefed senators in recent weeks that russia engainiged in a yea long campaign to frame ukraine for its own meddling in the 2016 u.s. election. a u.s. official tells nbc that the information about the russi russian operation was considered classified until dr. fiona hill revealed it in her public testimony. it isn't stopping the president or his defenders from pushing or
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engaging in the debunked conspiracy theory. >> the fbi went in and they told them get out of here. we're not giving it to you. they gave the server to crowd strike or whatever it's called, which is a company owned by a very wealthy ukrainian, and i still want to see that server. you know, the fbi's never gotten that server. that's a big part of this whole thing. why did they give it to a ukrainian company? >> are you sure they did that? are you sure they gave it to ukraine? >> well, that's what the word is. >> senator kennedy, who do you believe was responsible for hacking the dnc and clinton campaign computers, their e-mails? was it russia or ukraine? >> i don't know, nor do you. nor do any of us. ms. hill -- >> well, let me just interrupt to say the entire intelligence
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community said it was russia. >> right, but it could also be ukraine. i'm not saying i know one way or the other, i'm saying that ms. hill is entitled to her opinion but no rebuttal evidence was allowed to be offered. >> can you confirm that you guys have been given an intelligence briefing on this issue that russia is trying to frame ukraine? >> some members have, i have not, but i'm not at all surprised that russia is gearing up -- not at all surprised that -- she's correct that russia tried to interfere in 2016. also, ukrainians themselves tried to interfere also, but chuck -- >> isn't there a big difference between the two? i understand there's individual ukrainians who were upset that candidate donald trump wanted crimea to stay with russia. is that the same as the russian government and putin ordering a full-fledged interference in the united states election? >> i'm concerned about both. >> following the testimony of 12 witnesses over five days of open hearings, intelligence committee chair adam schiff says the house
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will move forward with its impeachment inquiry into president trump. watch this. >> there's more work to be done, but at the same time we've already accumulated quite overwhelming evidence that the president, once again, sought foreign interference in an election, conditioned officials acts, a white house meeting that ukraine desperately wanted as well as $400 million of bipartisan taxpayer funding to get these political investigations that he thought would help his re-election, so, you know, we view this as urgent. we have another election in which the president is threatening more foreign interference, but at the same time there are still other than witnesses, other documents that we would like to obtain, but we're not willing to go the months and months and months of rope a dope in the courts which the administration would more than love for us to do. >> so right now no public hearings scheduled for anytime the rest of the year. >> former national security
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adviser john bolton said friday he has regained control of his personal twitter account, claiming that the white house refused to provide access to it after he resigned in september. >> are you concerned they're trying to stop you from testifying? >> i don't know, you'll have to ask the white house, but i can say definitively we have regained control of the twitter account, twitter detached the white house. >> bolton on friday tweeted in part, quote, speaking of since resigning as national security adviser, the white house refused to return access to my personal twitter account out of fear of what i may say? to those who speculated i went to hiding, i'm sorry to disappoint. president trump rejected bolton's claims and even touted his good relationship with his former national security adviser. >> john bolton has just gone back on twitter. his account was frozen for two months. did you guys freeze his account? >> no, of course not. of course not, no, i actually
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had a good relationship with john. we disagreed on some things and some methods but i actually had a good relationship. >> joining us congressional reporter for the hill, olivia beavers. good morning. hearing the president say there he had a good relationship with john bolton also reiterating it on twitter by re-tweeting john bolton after he sent out that sort of ominous tweet there, what might we see from the rise of this contentious relationship between the former national security adviser john bolton and the trump administration. >> bolton has had this back and forth with the administration since he's left, and he's shown that he's willing to push back on claims they might make as we saw with his resignation. this also came after a deterioration of relations over them clashing over major foreign policy issues. so right now this week we are hoping to maybe get a decision
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on the megan case which would possibly lead to bolton come and testify, and a lawyer has previously claimed that he has a lot more information about ukrainian meetings. so bolton is someone who democrats really want to hear from. he was in key meetings. fiona hill says he was talking about hand grenade when is it came to rudy giuliani and drug deals with other trump administration officials, p but him speaking out against the white house might not also translate into him wanting to help the democrats. he's kind of stuck in between two different areas, and which way he goes is anyone's guess. >> it's a good point. we know there are no more public hearings scheduled, no more closed door depositions. what happens next? what should we expect this week and next week once members come back to the hill? >> well, right now we're told that staffers and members really at times going into the scif, and they're coming up with --
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they're reviewing the week and a half 12 public depositions that we saw and trying to figure out what is going to be in the report that the intelligence committee gives to the judiciary committee, and they're working on that, but as we played a clip earlier, chairman schiff is saying he's not promising not to bring in additional witnesses, and my sources tell me, we're still trying to wrap this up by the end of the year, but if bolton is a possibility, they're not going to give up on that chance to hear from somebody that might have additional information that hasn't been revealed yet. we're waiting to see how the timing plays out. right now it looks like heading into after thanksgiving break, the judiciary committee will be working on possibly having three hearings, and then having a vote on impeachment. >> so we spoke of john bolton obviously being someone who could feasibly public testify despite the fact we're hearing from schiff that he's not going
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to reveal whether or not that's going to happen. what other names have you heard floated of people that could feasibly testify in the coming weeks? >> they definitely would like to hear from mick mulvaney and secretary pompeo. they previously asked for documents from pompeo, and they said they have not received those documents, and then recently he was further added into the mix when it was revealed there were phone calls between giuliani and pompeo, so those are names that if they can bring them in, they had direct knowledge of these communications, mulvaney was one who called and made the decision to put a hold on the aid to ukraine. so these are officials that they want to hear from, but whether or not they're able to, it's just been a back and forth battle for months. >> it would be quite surprising if we saw mulvaney or pompeo testify in the coming weeks. >> democrats aren't banking. >> i imagine so. >> olivia beavers, thank you so
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much. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is back home and doing well after being hospitalized friday for experiencing chills and a fever. the 86-year-old justice was tested for a possible infection at johns hopkins hospital friday and was released once she was treated with intravenous antibiotics and fluids. she had just returned to the bench last monday after being home sick with a stomach bug and has also been treated for cancer twice this past year. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is officially making a bid for the presidency. what other 2020 white house hopefuls are saying. plus, president trump once again attacks former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch, this time claiming she refused to hang up his portrait in the u.s. embassy in ukraine. those stories and more and a check on the weather when we come right back.
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. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg has officially entered the 2020 presidential democratic race. the billionaire businessman made the announcement in a statement on his newly launched campaign website explaining that he is running to rebuild america and defeat president trump whom he believes represents an existential threat to our country and our values. >> mike bloomberg started as a middle class kid who had to work his way through college, then built a business from a single room to a global entity. he could have stopped there, but when new york suffered the terrible tragedy of ni9/11 he tk
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charge becoming a three-term mayor who brought a city back from the ashes, but now he sees a different kind of menace coming from washington, so there's no stopping here because there's an america waiting to be rebuilt. mike bloomberg for president, jobs creator, leader, problem solver, it's going to take all three to build back a country. >> so bloomberg's late entry dovetails with the staggering $31 million ad buy for television commercials to outline his background and political agenda, which dwarves the advertising budget of other rival campaigns. >> bloomberg's entry sent shock waves among the already crowded group of 2020 democratic candidates, as some look to knock the businessman from the wealth his bid adds to the race. >> we do not believe that billionaires have the right to buy elections. that is why multibillionaires like mr. bloomberg are not going to get very far in this
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election. >> elections should not be for sale, not to billionaires, not to corporate executives. we need to build a grass roots movement. that's how democracy is supposed to work. >> money will not win this election. connecting with people will. >> you know, listen, we got to get money out of politics. let me just be honest with you. i mean, i got to raise a ton of money to be competitive, and you know, there's some people who started this race with $10 million. >> all right, let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> you don't want to hear what i have to say. >> do we ever? aside from like august 7th hwhe it's 80 degrees and sunny. >> i like to think i have something to offer in this relationship. >> #realtalk. >> monday morning. >> we have a very difficult forecast heading into this thanksgiving travel period. our big storm from the weekend is exiting, just a little bit of
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snow left here for our friends in northern portions of maine. we're clearing things out. today is by far the best travel day of the next seven. if you chose today to go to the airport or the roads, you won. compared to the rest of the week this is very nice and calm. a lot of sunshine across the board, 50s up the east coast. still a little chilly in minneapolis and boston. this is the storm that's beginning today in the rockies that's going to cause us all the problems over the next couple of days. by the time we get to tuesday, snowstorm from denver to nebraska. snow from omaha to minneapolis. minor airport problems like o'hare and detroit through cleveland but periods of rain. it will be a full-fledged snowstorm from lacrosse to minneapolis through northern wisconsin. this storm blows toward the east coast for wednesday. of course that's the busiest travel day. if you're going to have windy conditions in the northeast with periods of rain, you're going to
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get some significant delays out of that, and as far as the snow forecast in the airports go, this will be the worst of it on tuesday from denver to minneapolis, and then minor delays, chicago, cleveland, the great lakes, and as i mentioned, in new york if it rains and you get even breezy conditions you'll get some significant airport problems. >> la laguardia is shut down when a drop of rain comes out of the sky. i think we all know that pretty well. that's going to cause major delays. >> that's only storm one, we'll talk about storm two coming up. going back after thanksgiving may be worse. >> wow, there you go. >> see what i mean? >> i told you. >> all right, still ahead, the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani once again says that he has insurance if president trump tries to turn on him. we'll show you those comments coming up next.
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welcome back, president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani gave a wide ranging interview over the weekend where he attacked numerous figures involved in the house impeachment probe and claimed for the second time to have, quote, insurance when questioned about his relationship with the president. >> have you talked to president trump in the last week or two? have you met with him? are you still his counsel? >> i do not discuss my conversations with my client. you can assume that i talk to him early and often. >> yeah. >> and have a very, very good relationship with him and all of these comments, which are
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totally insulting, i've seen things written like he's going to throw me under the bus. >> right. >> when they say that, he isn't but i have insurance. >> okay. so hours later giuliani clarified on twitter that his statement on having insurance was, quote, sarcastic, not necessarily sure i saw sarcasm there by the way. >> right, yeah. >> and relates to the files in my safe about the biden family's four decades of monetizing of his office. >> all right. >> president trump said on friday that he was angry with former ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch claiming without evidence that she refused to hang his picture in the u.s. embassy in ukraine. >> the ambassador, the woman she wouldn't even put up -- she's an obama person, you know. i said why are you being so kind? she's a woman. we have to be nice. this ambassador that everybody says is so wonderful, she wouldn't hang my picture in the embassy. okay? she's in charge of the embassy.
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she wouldn't hang it. it took a year and a half to two years to get the picture up. she said bad things about me, she wouldn't defend me, and i have the right to change the ambassador. >> lawyers for yovanovitch say the embassy in kyiv hung the photographs of truch, vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo as soon as they arrived from washington, d.c. in 2017 "the washington post" reported that nearly eight months into trump's term the pictures were not being displayed in thousands of federal buildings because the government publishing office had yet to receive the images from the white house. >> so vice president mike pence made a surprise video to al assad air base in iraq over the weekend to greet troops ahead of the holiday. his visit along with second lady karen pence was kept private. speaking to troops on saturday, pence apologized and criticized congress for failing to properly fund the defense department, incorrectly referencing the impeachment probe as the cause
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for the delay. >> truth is congress should have finished their work on defense appropriations months ago, but you all know that partisan politics and endless investigations have slowed things down a bit in washington d d d.c. but i'll make you a promise, this president, this vice president, and our administration will never stop fighting until we get you, our troops, the resources you need to accomplish your mission and defend this nation. >> so during his visit, pence also met with kurdish leader. white house officials said the meeting was to show u.s. appreciation for kurdish allies. still ahead, one of rudy giuliani's indicted associates claims he's willing to tell congress that the top republican on the house intel committee, devin nunes went to ukraine to try and help dig up dirt on joe biden. what congressman nunes is saying about these allegations.
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newly revealed state department documents show a paper trail between giuliani and secretary of state mike pompeo before ambassador marie yovanovitch was smeared and ousted. we'll talk about what it all means for pompeo and the impeachment probe escalates. we're back in a moment. --and ulfast speeds. almost 2 gigs here in minneapolis. that's 25 times faster than today's network in new york city. so people from midtown manhattan-- --to downtown denver-- --can experience what our 5g can deliver. (woman) and if verizon 5g can deliver performance like this in these places... it's pretty crazy. ...just imagine what it can do for you. ♪
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♪ welcome back, everybody, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside nbc news white house correspondent geoff bennett. we begin this half hour with the major shake-up within the
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pentagon. mark esp mark esper has demanded the resignation of richard spencer. esper says he's lost confidence of spencer's handling of a case involving a navy s.e.a.l. accused of war crimes. nbc news white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: the navy secretary is out, asked to resign by defense secretary mark esper over his handling of disgraced navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher. richard spencer was already under pressure when he disputed reports about the controversy saturday. >> i did not threaten to resign, but let us just say that we're here to talk about external threats and eddie gallagher is not one of them. >> the pentagon chief called spencer's actions deeply troubling. the navy secretary privately proposed to the white house that if officials did not interfere with the navy review, spencer would make certain gallagher could retire with his s.e.a.l. membership and the coveted trident pin. secretary esper said unfortunately as a result i have
1:32 am
determined that secretary spencer no longer has my confidence to continue in his position. i wish richard well. the case of the navy s.e.a.l. convicted of posing with a dead militant but cleared of more serious war crimes had already ignited controversy. >> i just want to retire peacefully with all the honors that i've earned, get back to my family. >> reporter: president trump's twitter bravado was not seen as an order but caused tension when he wrote this thursday. the navy will not be taking away war fighter and navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher's trident pin. gallagher's case attracted conservative support and the president had previously used his power to restore gallagher's rank and pay. the fired navy secretary in his resignation letter delivered a rebuke to president trump saying that he no longer believes that he and the commander in chief who appointed him share the same values when it comes to order and discipline, and he said he could not follow an order that he thinks violates his oath. that's a stinging rebuke.
1:33 am
also, defense secretary mark esper has decided that given all of these circumstances, eddie gallagher will be permitted to retire as a navy s.e.a.l. keeping his trident pin. >> thank you to kelly o'donnell for that report. now to that new twist in the impeachment investigation, the attorney for lev parnas, an indicted associate of rudy giuliani says his client is willing to testify that republican congressman devin nunes of california met with ukraine's former top prosecutor viktor shokin late last year about investigating the activities of former vice president joe biden and his son hunter related to the ukrainian national gas company burisma. if the allegation is true, it means that nunes, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee was himself involved in the very plot that the panel is investigating in the impeachment inquiry. nunes yesterday declined to answer whether that meeting took place. >> bottom line, were you in vienna with shokin?
1:34 am
>> yeah, so look, maria, i really want to answer all of these questions, and i promise you i absolutely will come back on the show and answer these questions, but because there is criminal activity here we're working with the appropriate law enforcement agencies. we're going to file all this. everyone's going to know the truth. everybody's going to know all the facts, but i think you can understand that i can't compete by trying to -- trying to debate this out with the public media when 90% of the media are totally corrupt, and because this is criminal in nature and because it's so bad, it's so slandero slanderous, we've got all the facts on our side. and we're going to file in federal court because i'm not going to sit here and try to compete against the media that i have no chance of winning with. i will win in court, and they'll have a chance to cooperate, and they'll have to show how they work with somebody who's been
1:35 am
indicted, which is, you know, likely conspiring to obstruct justice. >> despite all that, congressional records show that nunes traveled to europe in december of 2018, which squares with the time line lev parnas alleges. the records do not indicate who nunes might have met with. >> 100 pages of internal state department documents released on friday show secretary of state mike pompeo and president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani were in contact. rudy giuliani and pompeo orchestrated by trump's assistant as giuliani was pushing ukraine to investigate the bidens and trying to oust yovanovitch. pompeo ordered her removal the following month. giuliani encouraged media outlets to publicize unsubstantiated claims about yovanovitch's disloyalty to the president.
1:36 am
yovanovitch said giuliani smeared her reputation by spreading false allegations that she was bad maouth thing the president. joining us once again from the hill, olivia beavers. how might this new report further implicate mike pompeo in spite of the fact that he was asked last week as to his kind of comments as to what is coming up in the impeachment hearings, and he really coundidn't want t comment on that? >> certainly this adds a whole new layer of how and what mike pompeo knew and what was said during those conversations with giuliani, and we've already had witnesses over the public impeachment hearings point to mike pompeo and say that he was looped in on this several -- at least two witnesses testified that at one point he tried to get in contact with fox news anchor sean hannity to say stop spreading these allegations about yovanovitch, that there's no evidence, but there was also
1:37 am
testimony that he did not stand and protect yovanovitch when she was facing the smear campaign. you saw from kent, fiona hill and bill taylor and others saying here you have a top u.s. diplomat being attacked and you're not doing anything. and remember, pompeo was brought in to help with the morale of the state department after rex tillerson, and this just shows that he really was not able to protect some of the top diplomatic figures when they were facing attacks. >> olivia, let's talk about the fallout from the navy secretary's firing yesterday, and that he put out that extraordinary resignation letter where he said i no longer share the same understanding as the commander in chief who appointed me in regards to the key principles of good order and discipline. this kind of discord within the ranks, the chain of command is not the kind of things that democrats and republicans really take kindly to. how do you think this is going to play out politically?
1:38 am
>> i want to add that his resignation letter was pretty reminiscent of jim mattis's resignation letter a couple of months ago. go ahead. >> this is another sign, you know, i reached out to several sources when this was unfolding, and they said this is just another example of how the president is willing to cross the line and insert himself right now in this case in a punitive process for a disgraced navy s.e.a.l., and some of this is also encouraged by his contacts with, you know, fox news and interviews like that and pushed by conservatives, but how this is going to play out, i mean, it's another example that the president is willing to clash with his agency leaders, and he's willing to put his thumb on depending on what he views as politically, you know, efficient and works for him, and -- but right now you saw also that spencer was saying -- he was put in this really unique
1:39 am
position where he had to deal with the president tweeting about this process going on, and he was trying to do a white house deal and that led to him being removed. >> thanks, olivia, great talking to you. >> the greatest in the race for the democratic presidential nomination and the uphill battle for michael bloomberg as he officially enters the race. plus. >> all i'm asking is due to joe biden's scenario, what you did for trump, find somebody not me outside of politics to look and see if it makes sense. >> that was senator lindsey graham less than two months ago saying he should not be the one investigating joe biden and his son. graham has since flipped on that and now biden is firing back. the latest straight ahead. e lat. the best of pressure cooking and air frying are now in one pot. and only the ninja foodi has tender crisp technology, so you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside
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so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. only at a sleep number store during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends cyber monday. they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! i know some of you think i'm shaking because i'm nervous, but this is just my signature quivering bang. >> america, i see you, and i see the faces you all make when i
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talk. you're scared. scared i'll say something off color or even worse, on color. >> hi, guys. i'm billionaire tom steyer, and i'm running for president for a simple reason. it's fun. and it gets me out of the house. >> did somebody say billionaire? >> mayor bloomberg, how did you get in here? >> well, i tipped the doorman $30 million. >> by the way, will ferrell played gordon sondland at the opening sketch as well, which was pretty hilarious. that was actually not the real democratic debate, that was snl's take on msnbc's democratic debate. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg entering the race yesterday, and polling showing he has his work cut out for him. the emerson poll has bloomberg a 1%. the most recent hill harris x
1:44 am
and morning consult polls both have bloomberg at 3%. >> meantime bloomberg news has created safeguards for covering the 2020 election moving forward. an internal memo sent by the news organization's editor in chief to staff yesterday which was obtained by cnbc reads, quote, we will continue our tradition of not investigating mike and his family foundation and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the democratic primaries. we cannot treat mike's democratic competitors differently from him. now the 77-year-old billionaire businessman is the founder and 89% shareholder of bloomberg lp. the financial software company that owns bloomberg news. former vice president joe biden took aim at senator lindsey graham over the weekend saying he feels personally betrayed over graham's request for documents on his son hunter's involvement with ukraine. >> they're asking lindsey graham, they have him under their thumb right now.
1:45 am
they know he knows if he comes out against trump, he's got a real tough road for re-election. number one. i am disappointed and quite frankly, i'm angered by the fact. he knows me. he knows my son. he knows there's nothing to this. lindsey is about to go down in a way that i think he's going to regret his whole life. >> what do you say to him? >> i say lindsey, i just -- i'm just embarrassed by what you're doing for you. i mean, my lord. >> so on thursday graham sent a letter to secretary of state mike pompeo asking to hand over documents on biden, his son hunter, obama administration officials and former ukrainian president petro poroshenko as a response amid the impeachment hearings into president trump. meanwhile, the biden campaign is fund-raising after graham's quote phony investigations and e-mails and text messages sent throughout the weekend. biden says he is outraged and claims this is another stunt by
1:46 am
the republicans to stop him from becoming the presidential nominee. a highly anticipated report by the justice department's inspector general is expected to criticize the fbi's handling of the russia investigation while debunking claims that fbi investigators were biased against president trump. the "new york times" reports that according to people briefed on a draft of the report, the inspector general's report, quote, portrays the overall effort to seek the wiretap order and its renewals as sloppy and unprofessional according to people familiar with it. inspector general horowitz will also sharply criticize as careless one of the fbi case agents in new york handling the matter and say that the bureau and the justice department displayed poor coordination during the investigation. the inspector general's report is expected to specifically call out the process, which led to the wire tapping of president trump's former campaign adviser carter page, and the report names an fbi agent in new york claiming that the agent, quote, altered an e-mail that officials used to prepare to seek court
1:47 am
approval to renew the wiretap against carter page, but the inspector general's report is also expected to note that, quote, none of the evidence used to open the investigation came from the cia or from the notorious dossier of claims about trump russia ties compiled by christoph toe -- christopher stee steele. the report is expected to be released on december 9th. let's get a check on some good weather. >> or not so good. >> yeah. >> you could have at least waited to give us that part. >> this all goes back to like the south beach conversation. >> once again, bill karins wants to move to south beach. >> good luck with that. >> hey, it's great here. everybody else. >> after thanksgiving. i'll get you through these storms, then maybe i'll take off. the snowfall forecast with storm one, this is going to be from tonight heading all the way through your wednesday morning. you know, this is denver here,
1:48 am
possibly at around six inches of snow, minneapolis is at four inches of snow. northern wisconsin is going to be shoveling, almost all of nebraska and areas of the rockies you're going to get hit by days of snow. the ski resorts are loving it. here's storm two, and this storm is more than just a travel nuisance. this is actually going to be powerful enough for significant wind damage, power outages. this one's going to cause problems for coastal areas of oregon, northern california. i mean, we need the wet weather. we need a big storm but we didn't need one this powerful. it swings down even through southern california as we go through wednesday, more snow in the inner mountain west. it heads out on thanksgiving day into the central plains, more snow for the northern plains, more snow for the rockies and rain out across the middle of the country. as far as airports go and travel through the west, with this storm especially with how windy it's going to be, major issues. we've got red on the map here for all of these airports. san francisco wednesday, los
1:49 am
angeles wednesday, vegas wednesday, phoenix wednesday and thursday possibly as we head towards dallas. so again, here's that thursday map for thanksgiving day. it will be breezy in the east. east coast looks to have a much easier travel forecast than a lot of the rest of the country, but as you're heading back, and we get to the big shopping day on friday with our huge mess in the middle of the country, i mean, look at how many areas could get snow here. east coast is fine, but then by the time we get to saturday, this storm heads-up to the north. another piece of it heads to the east, and sunday looks like the travel day that will have the most issues in the northeast. so pick your poison. it's one of the most difficult travel weather forecast maps i have done in a long time. >> should postpone thanksgiving. >> or just have it at your own house. >> then you don't have to go anywhere. >> you don't have to go anywhere. >> that's a good idea. still ahead, the big front page news from hong kong, a landslide victory for pro-democracy candidates in that country's elections. >> the question now whether it
1:50 am
will turn into the revolution activists are hoping for. we'll discuss the role the u.s. is playing and how trade negotiations with china are complicating things. ting things
1:51 am
1:52 am
pro-democracy candidates in hong kong are set to win a landslide victory in local elections. saying many believe the results reflect people's dissatisfaction with the current situation and the deep seeded problems in society. now the unrest in hong kong began six months ago over
1:53 am
executive lam's support with an extradition treaty with mainland china. the election results are sure to test beijing's response to the protest. more than 5,000 people have been arrested in hong kong. last week congress overwhelmingly passed legislation in support of human rights in hong kong, but on friday president trump signaled that he could veto the legislation saying, quote, we have to stand with hong kong, but i'm also standing with president xi, trump adding, quote, we are in the process of making the largest trade deal in history. newly released classified documents obtained by the international consortium of investigative journalists reveal that china's so-called vocational educational and training centers are actually detention catches filled with members of a muslim minority group in western china, nbc's kate snow has more on this. >> reporter: we've seen china's muslim reeducation camps the way the chinese wanted us to see them on a tightly controlled
1:54 am
tour earlier this year. and we've seen glimpses from leaked videos like this one. china says the camps stopped muse li muslim uyghurs from becoming extremists. a leaked nine-page memo reads like a how to manual telling officials to strictly implement measures to prevent escape. that means 24/7 video surveillance, watchtowers and double locked doors. >> the headline is we're doing something really nasty to a lot of people in secret. >> reporter: adrian zenz is a german researcher who's considered an authority. >> did someone take a huge risk in leaking these documents? >> people have been sentenced to death for much less. >> reporter: zenz estimates up to 1.8 million uyghurs and other muslim minorities have been sent to the camps since 2017. >> that is a stunning number of people. 1.8 million people in camps.
1:55 am
>> well, it's probably the largest internment of an ethnic or religious minority since the holocaust. >> reporter: a series of classified bulletins show how easy it is to be singled out by the chinese government for education and training, simply using a certain app or communicating with people overseas can draw suspicion. in 2017 rusahna boss stopped calling her family to protect them. >> there are over 1 million innocent people. >> reporter: last year she criticized china during a public panel in washington. >> six days after i talked, my sister and my aunt both got abducted on the same day as retaliation for my activism. >> you don't think it was a coincidence? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: her sister is still missing. >> you literally don't know where she is? >> no, i don't. i don't even know if she's still alive or not. >> when the chinese government says these are vocational camps, they're helping train people for
1:56 am
new jobs, what do you say to that? >> that is a complete lie. many people in the camps are university professors, writers, poets. >> this is a story they don't want to get out. >> reporter: david stillwell is the u.s. assistant secretary of state for east asia and the pacific. >> the chinese government views this through the lens of terrorism, and they have said things like, well, the u.s. had a war or terror. that's what we're doing here. >> you can't lock up a whole group of people and somehow identify them as terrorists in advance. a terror event on your own people to prevent terrorism just, that doesn't make sense. >> if you could talk to your sister, what would you say to her now? >> i'm sorry. she's there because of me. but i want to tell her to stay strong, stay strong and believe that she will be free hopefully
1:57 am
someday soon. >> that is shocking. just under 2 million people in detention centers. unbelievable. our thanks to nbc's kate snow for that report. still ahead, the secretary of the navy gets fired and takes a parting shot at the president on the way out. we're going to have the latest. plus, the new reporting from "the washington post" that shows how the white house tried to justify freezing that military aid to ukraine after the fact. we're back in a bit.
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this morning an unexpected change at the pentagon after the secretary of the navy gets ousted. richard spencer has been fired for his handling of a war crimes case involving a navy s.e.a.l. plus, the top republican on the house intelligence committee devin nunes denounces reports that he met with an ex-ukrainian prosecutor to manufacture dirt on joe biden. the allegation was made by one of rudy giuliani's indicted associates. and it's official, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg has confirmed he's making a white house run, and he's kicking it off with a $30 million advertising blitz. ♪ good monday morning, everybody, it is november 25th. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside nbc news i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside jeff bennet. we begin with a shakeup at the pentagon. navy secretary richard spencer has been fired after the dispute of a navy seal accused


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